20 years anniversary




Full range service from customs management to warehousing?

Our Customs agency services cover the whole process of distribution of goods, and foster the rapid passage of goods and transport vehicle delivery.

Our highly qualified team of professionals, one of the highest bank guarantee limit on the market, and a full operation license ensure you and your business to work out the most favorable customs procedures across the country (inside and outside our sites).

20 years of experience?

Vámkapu Zrt. was established in 1996 at the initiative of the Kopint- Datorg.

Thanks to the good work organization and the professional skills of employees in a short time the company made itself one of the leading customs agency in the country.

At the end of 2003, our company was invited to the newly created BILK Logistics Zrt. area as well as in the area of BILK Kombiterminál Zrt. to open customs office. After Hungary’s accession to the European Union (since 2004) three sites and two warehouses have been working (BILK, MAHART) in Budapest.

There are 6 sites (Budapest: BILK, MAHART; Tatabanya, Fot, Airport, Dunaharaszti) and 3 warehouses where we are available for our customers (Budapest: BILK, MAHART; Dunaharaszti).

Our goal is to maintain our reputation so far, and to continue the help for our customer’s trading activities with high quality and fast work. Our high standard of professionalism, many years of experience and the acquired AEO certification (in 2010) guarantees the quality of service we provide! Our services cover the entire customs procedures, (including excise) and the environmental protection activities.

AEO certification?

aeo_logo_keszWe undertake our clients to develop the conditions necessary to obtain the AEO certification, preparation of applications, communication with customs filing of the request until the permit is issued.

This is a license on which the customs authorities considers the AEO holder as a reliable partner. The holder of an AEO certificate gets customs procedure assistance, transport and many other treatments to get relief from the customs authority.
The AEO service counts reliable throughout the Community and it is entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the Community. This status is considered by the customs authorities of all EU Member States.


Please, feel free to contact us in any way given below, or send a message. If you send message, we will contact you in 24 hours as per your contact details.

  • Vámkapu Zrt.
  • Budapest, Európa u. 6, H-1239
  • +36 1 421 8754
  • ochtinszki.eszter@vamkapu.hu




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